Deadly Avenger is the artistic vision of England-based Damon Baxter, an electronic musician, film trailer score composer, remixer, and veteran electro producer. Known for crafting compelling instrumental electronic/synth-driven albums paired with the engaging artwork of Luke Insect, Deadly Avenger produces fast-selling records released on labels such as MONDO/Death Waltz, Lakeshore Records, and Burning Witches Records.

The earliest Deadly Avenger release, 2007’s KINGDOM, was a haunting exercise of orchestral electronic music, featuring soundscapes that merely hinted at later works. BLOSSOMS AND BLOOD (2009) was a sample-laden, beat-driven cinematic exercise, relying on organic sounds to express Baxter’s rock, hip-hop, and Bristol influences. It would mark the last Deadly Avenger release for 8 years.

Baxter resurrected Deadly Avenger in August 2017 as an audaciously creative and nuanced synth project in the realm of acts like Le Matos and Mitch Murder and score composers like Cliff Martinez. The propulsive EVERYDAY IS KILL, released on vinyl on Death Waltz Originals, was the inaugural album of the new era of Deadly Avenger.

In 2018, Baxter made up for lost time, releasing two Deadly Avenger albums plus an album with visual artist Luke Insect under the name D.A.L.I. In April came I AM GODZILLA, YOU ARE JAPAN, which featured contributions from Pete Diggens and was released on Burning Witches Records vinyl. It was a dark, electro-minimalist onslaught of pulsating kinesis designed to take the listener through the rollercoaster of experiencing the world’s most famous kaiju. A month later Burning Witches Records released the vinyl concept album from D.A.L.I., WHEN HARO MET SALLY, an ode to the sun-drenched, carefree vibes of a SoCal beachside skate park that the English Baxter only could experience watching TV & films growing up. In July Lakeshore Records released the digital album THE GIRL WITH THE WHITE ORCHID, another Pete Diggens collaboration that through synths and piano represents an emotionally complex and dynamically nuanced score for a film not yet made. Baxter finished up 2018 contributing “2.2.2” to Burning Witches’ tape-based horror split EPs.

Baxter’s most recent Deadly Avenger release is YOUR GOD IS TOO SMALL, released in April 2019 with a special Record Store Day 3D vinyl variant. The album, a prequel to IAGYAJ, shows Baxter expanding on his Japan influence and pairing it with a grander, more cinematic take on the raw electro sounds of his kaiju experiments.

In addition to creating music as Deadly Avenger, Baxter has worked extensively on film trailers, including titles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, JOHN WICK, and horror films such as MIDSOMMAR, PET SEMATARY (2019), and THE NUN. Baxter is also a respected remixer, reworking songs for the likes of the Charlatans, Travis, Stereophonics, Elbow, and the Manic Street Preachers.

However, it’s as Deadly Avenger that Baxter has realized his grandest creative calling, and this time around there won’t be a nearly decade-long hiatus. Expect new Deadly Avenger releases and projects in 2019 and beyond.